Amethyst Cupcake đź”®

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Calming & Spiritual

A Beautiful Purple Amethyst Cupcake, an extremely calming and protective stone, Amethyst is your go to Crystal to balance your emotions 💜 

This stunner is the perfect Crystal for those who over-think, a worrier,  if you suffer with anxiety, Amethyst is the one for you! 

Amethyst will help you relax, do you suffer with sleep issues, insomnia? Amethyst is here for you. 

It's also great Crystal to use if you suffer with headaches or migraines. ♥️ 

Amethyst is also going to help strengthen your spirituality and intuition, enhance your meditations and develop your psychic abilities.

You will receive this exact Crystal as pictured

Measures approx: 2 x .1.45

Weighs: 97g

Your Amethyst Cupcake will be Reiki charged and cleansed with Sage Incense before its sent out its own Velvet gift pouch