Fluorite Chip Bracelet

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Positivity & Focus 

Just being in the same environment as this crystal can raise your vibration and enhance your aura. 

 Clears negative energy from any environment, cleansing, bringing renewal and a spring like freshness to all of the Chakras. 💚 

This stunner is the perfect bracelet for those who experience mental and physical burnout, someone who loses concentration easily or just needs to focus more on a particular project, if you suffer with an overactive mind, Fluroite is the one for you! 

Fluorite will help the wearer focus, are you studying for an exam, applying for a new job role ? or just need a little help in the concentration area Fluorite has got your back. 💜 

Activates both sides of the brain in order to function at its full capacity, in perfect harmony.

Fluorite will also help to free one from the pull of addictions and anything harmful.

Your Fluorite bracelet will be Reiki charged and cleansed with Sage Incense before its sent out its own Velvet gift pouch