Malachite Chip Bracelet šŸ’š

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Transformation & Healing

An extremely healing Crystals, MalachiteĀ is here for positive change.

Malachite helps you to break negative patterns,Ā unblocksĀ all the chakras and makes room for healing unconditional Love. ā¤ļøĀ 

Its aĀ great Crystal to use for empowerment andĀ  determination šŸ”„Ā 

A great Crystal to use forĀ transforming your life, are you ready for positive change?Ā Malachite is going to give you the determination you need.Ā This healingĀ CrystalĀ is going toĀ give you the love and protection needed to make positive changes in your life, break old habitsĀ  and protect you from any unwanted energies.

YourĀ MalachiteĀ bracelet will be Reiki charged and cleansed with Sage Incense before its sent outĀ its own Velvet gift pouch