Rose Quartz Chip Bracelet 💖

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Unconditional Love 

The Ultimate stone of Love, Rose Quartz is your go to Crystal for all kinds of Love and support, a truly beautiful and caring Crystal. 💝 

This stunner is going to help the wearer to attract Love and repair any heartache, it maybe that your in need of a little Self-Love or you are struggling to find Love, either way Rose Quartz is your shoulder to cry on, if a Crystal could give you a Hug it would be a Rose Quartz! 🤗 

Rose Quartz is also a great Crystal for anyone who has experienced trauma, helping you to heal your emotions.

Its a great Crystal to use for repairing trust and harmony in relationships, teaches you self-love, self-acceptance and forgiveness. 🎀 

Bringing you Loving vibes and enhances positive affirmations.

Your Rose Quartz bracelet will be Reiki charged and cleansed with Sage Incense before its sent out its own Velvet gift pouch